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The Top Three Funniest People in the World December 31, 2010

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Eddie Izzard – the most intelligent, liberated and gorgeous man (who also happens to be a lovely transvestite) the world has ever seen. His sociopolitical commentary is always spot on. Absolutely brilliant.

Will Ferrell – again, the sociopolitical commentary always hits the mark. Yes, he is crass, but even though I pride myself on my appreciation of British humor, I am after all an American in the end – so crass definitely fits into my likings.

Adam Sandler – he's been making me laugh since I was a young teenager. Stupid humor you say? Lowest common denominator you say? Well, you're right of course – but then again, I fall back on the culture that I was raised in.

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An Album I'll Always Love

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Interpol by Interpol. This CD has everything. It rocks – hard, it’s quiet and melancholy, fun and aggressive all at the same time. Particularly the track Lights. That song is responsible for blowing the speakers out in the Jeep. Paul Banks’ lyrics are mesmerizing and painful; the music beats you to the core.

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