A simpler life.

What Polished Peace is about. December 30, 2010

Polished: refined, cultured, or elegant

Peace: a state of tranquility or serenity

Hullo there!

I’m Katie and I own my own home-based business called Polished Peace.  My mission is to get back to basics, simplify, and enhance my experience in this life as well as the lives of those I encounter.

I’m going through a personal growing phase right now. I feel more than ever that it’s time to get back to my roots, to follow in the footsteps of my loved ones who have passed and who are still here by taking up their crafts.  I also feel that it is a brilliant time to get back to nature in every way possible.  Not only does it make sense for health, personal and earthly, but it also makes sense from the pocket book’s point of view.

I especially love making eco-friendly products and devotional items. Weird combination? I don’t think so. My faith is what guides me through this life and it makes me want to make a difference for this planet in all of the little ways that I can.

My loves: Jesus, my family – especially my nieces and nephews, dogs – especially my chocolate lab, Henry, walks, snow, the library, facebook, natural living, eco-consciousness, craftivisim, music, playing the drums, and going to the movies. 

And while this is Polished Peace’s blog, I cannot separate my personal opinions, views, beliefs, etc… from my business. The truth of the matter is that when you have a small business it is really an extension of yourself. In my goal to be true to everyone, including myself, it would be disrespectful and untruthful to separate the two.

Two Super Hotties

My beau and me.


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